Páteo Alfacinha

Who has never heard about Pateo Alfacinha? Its the recreation of a small piece of typical Lisbon, close to the Ajuda Palace.

After rough times, it reborns by the hand of one of the grandsons of its founder. In memory of its grandfather, Miguel Sampaio Seijo y Seijo embraced the Patio Alfacinha, that saw its birth, and relaunches it with venues for events and a summer restaurante “A Horta", with fishes and meats on the grill, upon the views over the Tagus river.

This is a multifaceted venue with a maximum capacity of 900 people, where you can book the Pateo in its entirety and exclusively, or only one of the several rooms available.

A Lisbon classic, now ready for any kind of events!


- Casa do Marquês Exclusive Venue -

Rua do Guarda Joias, nº 44
1300-290 Lisboa

Tel.: 213 642 171

GPS Coordinates:
(38.706359) - (-9.194494)

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