Casa do Marquês celebrates 30 years

The president of Casa do Marquês, José Eduardo Sampaio, assured Wednesday that the company he founded 30 years ago “is an incredible success story”, a market leader in catering and event production.


“It has been an extraordinary adventure,” he said, thanking employees for their dedication and professionalism. The administration of Casa do Marquês gathered this Wednesday, early in the afternoon at its headquarters in Prior Velho, its employees for a quick break to celebrate the company's thirtieth anniversary.

More than a hundred employees had the opportunity to sing “Happy Birthday!” and blow out the candles on the birthday cake, a moment replicated by the various work teams that also celebrated their 30th birthday outside their headquarters. at the different venues where events were being held.

“I want to thank you all for this very successful journey, hard work and sacrifice as well. It has been a fantastic year for everyone and our customers. The acknowledgment I have received daily from all of you and our customers makes me proud, ”said the manager Florbela Bem, who founded the company with José Eduardo Sampaio 30 years ago.

The president of Casa do Marquês, José Eduardo, former professional player of Sporting, where he was two-time national champion and winner of a Portuguese Cup and Super Cup, took advantage of the world of football, which he knows so well, to talk about this three-decade journey.

“Casa do Marquês has been an extraordinary adventure. An incredible success story. Carried out by great champions. Examples of team spirit. Where the stars don't feel bigger than the others. Where constant victories are celebrated in the plural and persons, whatever their position or function, are treated by their name. And the spotlight is reserved exclusively for our customers”, he said in a message addressed to employees and customers and published Wednesday on the company's social networks.

The businessman pursued the football analogy. “As a club, we have fans around the world who follow us, seek our services and recommend us in a world that is globalizing and much more demanding. And that, my friends, thirty years after October 16, 1989, you can believe it is very rewarding and above all exciting”, he concluded.

With a record turnover of 12 million euros in 2018, which corresponds to a 21% increase over the previous year, Casa do Marquês leads the catering and event production segment. Last year, it organized or attended 1,251 events, serving a total of 278,000 people.

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