• Do the proposals include the waiters cost?

    It depends on the requested service. Usually, they´re included with the exception, for e.g., of the take away or rental equipment services.

  • Do the proposals include assembling costs?

    It depends on the requested service. Usually, they´re included with the exception, for e.g., of the take away or rental equipment services.

  • Is it possible to visit the venues before booking it?

    Yes. Make an appointment with us, and we will do a guided visit in the venues that interest you.

  • Can Casa do Marquês organise the whole event and not only cater?

    Yes. We can be responsible for every detail and deliver a "turnkey event". To every event we assign a specific planner that works and reports directly to the client, from catering to entertainment, and whatever the costumer may need.

  • Is there any price difference with different seasons?

    Yes. Low season (November to April) values are, usually, lower.

  • Are taxes included on the proposals?

    No, if no contrary indication is made, the proposals don´t include any legal taxes (VAT).

  • What is the actual legal rate?

    The current VAT rate is 13% for food, still water, coffees / teas, and 23% for other beverages (eg alcoholic drinks and juices). The remaining services are also taxed at 23% - decoration, venue rental, animation, etc. Please note that the rate charged will always be that of the rate in effect at the date of the event.

  • Is it possible to make menu tastings?

    Yes. If the event is not confirmed, then the cost of the tasting session will be charged.

  • Is it possible to "test" decorations?

    Yes. There´s a showroom in our headquarters where towels, cutlery, centerpieces, etc. can be tested before final decisions.

  • Is it possible to rent only material/furniture without the catering service?

    Yes. It's possible to budget for furniture and decor renting (tableware, cloths, sofas, chairs, etc.) with or without delivery - dependent on the dates requested.

  • Up to which date does the menu has to be defined?

    Ideally, 15 days, but we are flexible and it will also depend on the kind of event and number of guests.

  • Can I pre-book a venue?

    Through the pre-booking value payment only. Without this payment, the requests are noticed and, if there´s a request for the same venue/date, you´ll be contacted.

  • Is it mandatory to use Casa do Marquês furniture and decor items on an event catered by the company?

    It depends on the venue and date of the event.

  • What is the minimum value for the venue pre-booking?

    The minimum is 75% of the total cost of the venue.

  • Is there any schedule restrictions on the venues?

    No, with the exception of a sound restriction at Coconuts (music only until 4am) and use of the venue until 6am.

  • Is it mandatory to use an AV company recommended by Casa do Marquês?

    Only in Coconuts, Estufa Fria and Casa do Lago.

  • How can I ask for a proposal?

    Please contact us through casadomarques@casadomarques.pt. We´re happy to receive your request and will answer as soon as possible.

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