Estufa Fria

Initially designed as a plant shelter, the Lisbon Estufa Fria is a space where you can enjoy pleasant moments amongst pools, waterfalls, creeks, statues and hundreds of species of different plants from all over the world.

This 800 m2 multipurpose space is now available for staging any type of event (parties, weddings, conferences and congresses, inter alia), thereby bringing back the glamour, mysticism and power of attraction which have always accompanied it since its construction in the 1950’s.

It is thus a semi-buried building made of reinforced concrete comprising ten arches which accompany the slope of the hill on which it is located, including, at the Northern end, a rock outcrop of basalt. The interior is lined in gravel pebbles, resembling washed marmorite.

Over the years various events have been staged at the Nave of the Lisbon Estufa Fria such as concerts, exhibitions, congresses and advertising actions. Now it can be the perfect place for your event!


- Casa do Marquês Exclusive Venue -


Parque Eduardo VII
1070 Lisboa

Tel.: 217 512 393 / 80

GPS Coordinates:
(38.729125) - (-9.154574)

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